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About Trattoria Fortunata

Trattoria Fortunata is named after my great grandmother, Fortunata Geniti. She was the first member of the Geniti family to be born in America in 1909, shortly after her parents arrived from Palermo, Italy. She loved vacationing in Saratoga and watching the horse races with her husband Joseph and their children John and Edward. They owned a trotter named Miss Flodine that they loved dearly and were immensely proud of. Our restaurant is meant to be a tribute to Fortunata’s life and spirit, and to my family’s Italian roots, as well as a celebration of the opportunities we’re blessed with as a result of the sacrifices made by our ancestors.

Chef Kyle Geniti

I’ve been working in kitchens since I was 15 years old, climbing the ranks from dishwasher to executive chef. I attended Binghamton University for four years, there I began bartending and eventually brewing beer at Galaxy Brewing Co. When I moved back home to Fonda, NY in 2016, I re-entered life in the kitchen with a new found appreciation for the human palette and the creative expression that the culinary world has to offer.

Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to cook alongside some of the most talented individuals in Saratoga Springs and the capital region. My culinary background includes contemporary American fine dining, Italian cuisine, and gastropub fare, though I am most passionate about cooking new and exciting dishes that feature fresh, local ingredients. My parent’s have dreamed of opening a family restaurant for as long as I can remember. Making that dream a reality has been the motivation behind all of the hours I’ve worked over the years, and I couldn’t be more grateful to share this experience with them and my entire family.

We have the perfect menu for you.

Our menu features some of Fortunata’s original Italian recipes, as well as contemporary American cuisine that’s been influenced by my family’s Italian roots. We aim to strike a balance between old and new, simple and complex, while also being committed to offering an inclusive menu with plenty of options for all dietary preferences and restrictions, sourcing fresh and local ingredients whenever possible.

Dine in or take-out.

Whether you’re looking for a night out or a delicious meal to-go, we have something for everyone. You can order online for pick-up, delivery or make a table reservation.

We are Chef owned and Chef operated.

As a chef, I’m equally passionate about food, hospitality, and the process behind harvesting ingredients. At Trattoria Fortunata we’re committed to utilizing the highest quality ingredients available and sourcing them responsibly. We vow to never sacrifice the quality of our dishes, or the quality of life for our team. We believe very strongly in providing a positive work environment that fosters opportunity for personal growth and career advancement without sacrificing one’s personal life or mental health.

We are committed to sustainable practices.

We’re committed to practicing sustainability in every aspect we can control. We’re committed to maintaining a sustainable work-life balance among our employees. 100% of plastic, paper, and glass materials are recycled daily. Used cooking oil is filtered and processed into Bio-diesel by Buffalo Biodiesel Inc. We restore and utilize old equipment and furniture whenever possible, and replace it with a more energy-efficient model when necessary. Our meats and produce are sourced locally when available, and always from farms practicing sustainability in agriculture. Our take-out containers are not only designed to keep your food hot and delicious, but they’re 100% recyclable, and many of them make a great reusable container.

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